Our Story

We started small in 2002—installing modular walls for some of Indianapolis’ largest business institutions who needed the flexibility and the ability to adapt to the needs of the then emerging work culture of collaboration—and have grown into a full-service provider of professional installation services and products that enable work settings to be more functional and inspiring.

Our mission today is as simple and straightforward as it was thirteen years ago with the daily pursuit of building lasting relationships through extraordinary experiences. We keep three basic objectives in mind when approaching any project: first, know your client; fully understand their needs and constraints. Second, undertake to provide most favorable outcomes when meeting client needs and expectations. Finally, complete projects on time and within budget. Adherence to these three objectives has provided us the opportunity to maintain longstanding relationships and make new friends across the country and in our own backyard.

Bryan Holloway


Jesse Phillips


Andrew Dale

Director of Operations

Kyle Wine

Operations Specialist

Our Approach

There’s a proverb that goes “be an open bowl for opportunities to fall into.” Our first inclination is to listen and then respond back with actionable plans of action that meet and exceed our client needs and expectations. We assist our clients by identifying and pulling together the objectives necessary to complete projects within a specified budget and time frame. To that end, our goal is to provide our services in a coordinated and unobtrusive manner. More often than not, we are retained directly by the client. However, we also work collegially in tandem or through furniture dealerships, architects and designers, contractors, developers and others. Depending on the project we can either work from a fee-based proposal or fold our costs into the overall cost of a project should we be retained as project manager. Introductory meetings with clients are complimentary and all discussions are kept confidential.

We serve a variety of organizations and individuals who value a pragmatic and collegial approach to problem solving. Our work is only as good as our repsonse to the needs and objectives shared by our clients; therefore, we listen more than we assume and we work assiduously to knit together a fabric of communication that enables confident decision making. Most importantly, we're told that we help our clients focus more on their primary purpose.

Promising and doing are two entirely different things. We respond with world-class service that exceeds our clients' expectations time and again. We're told that a hallmark of our delivery is our kindness and how discontent we are with anything short of what we promised to render (and then some). Action—the kind of action that meets understandings and which builds confidence—matters, and once a plan meets favor grass doesn't grow under our feet. "Progress is not created by contented people."

"Run ten yards past the finish line!" That's what our track coaches always said and they were right—it always made the difference. Our teams finish strong and leave environments neat, operable and more functional than when we started. Quality is the key and quality is never an accident; rather the result of good planning and execution. The heartache of poor quality remains long after the presumed benefits of shortcuts and low price are forgotten.